"The Encourager"

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Inspiring stories of overcoming unbelievable obstacles to live the life that God called the author. You will learn how to apply the same principles in your life!

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This author's revelation of her life journey and subsequent overcoming through faith is an important read for individuals and groups alike. The author asks thought provoking questions and supports her work through God's Word. The transparency of the author, the biblical references and the important resources provided, make for a complete package in the exploration of personal and spiritual growth and development. I look forward to this author's next book.

-Deborah J.P. - Amazon Customer

Important Personal and Spiritual Journey!


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Ceola J. Abram

Transparency is the bridge that builds trust. This is what I heard one day as I swept my hallway floor. I stopped in my tracks and considered what I had just heard. What did it mean I pondered? Close to 15 years later I find myself openly sharing all of the fears, failures, horrible decisions, terrible mistakes and shameful revelations of my life. Why? To prayerfully spare another woman from experiencing what I experienced and to avoid the pitfalls that can so easily beset many from arriving at their destiny and living their purpose-filled lives. 

My journey was painful on many levels and for the life of me I could not understand the relevance. Why so much pain is a question I often asked, and for years with no understanding. Then, one day a light bulb came on. This is the day I stopped hanging out with fear. The day I stopped thinking about me, poor little ole me. The day I stopped drowning in my own self pity, self shame and self guilt. The day it became evident to me that many other women were suffering silently too...just like I was.


This book is a great read. The author is truly transparent. It allowed me to reflect on my own situations and it offered resources to help me get through. The interaction is very helpful.

   -LT. Lewis - Amazon Customer

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Ceola Abram has challenged us to not only look at our past and open up what we thought were closed wounds, but she has shared what we must do to begin the healing process not only for ourselves, but for our families, friends and a nation!  “I Know It Was The Blood” will have you in tears as you take the journey of Ceola’s life, as well as your own, into the dark secret places, only to have our wonderful savior bring you to a place of healing, deliverance and salvation. God said he would never leave us nor forsake us.  This book is not only a biography; it is a reference manual that is a most valuable tool for anyone who has been hurt by rejection and fear.  “I Know It was the Blood" will reveal the inner most parts of your soul.  Strap on your seatbelts and get ready to take the ride of your life!"

-R. Williams

The Reviews Are In

I Know it Was the Blood: A Story of Over Coming is a really great read. The depth the author reaches in telling her story helps each of us understanding that we are not our past or the circumstances that were inflicted upon us. This book was easy to read because it was not hard to recognize her purpose for writing the book; healing, restoration and perseverance at the hand of God. The author speaks openly about abuse to both women and children. She illustrates vividly a portrait of her life that is reminiscent of the scenes played out in our own lives and those we love. This book ask questions of the reader that offers deep reflection into those place that we may have closed off and are afraid to shine a light. You will find through out these pages not just her story, but her honest attempt to help those who are in need of "over coming".. whatever the situation. Not only will you find a story of victory for the author, but powerful prayers, life affirming Scriptures, and social resources to ensure the victory for you!

-Btrue - Amazon Customer

Terrific Read!

The day I started sharing my testimony without fear is the day my shackles were loosed. There was no more fear, selfishness, pity parties, shame, guilt or embarrassment. It was all replaced with power, love, hope, encouragement, inspiration and motivation and all neatly wrapped in transparency. Now I know what that statement meant close to 15-years ago.

Writing a book for the first time was very difficult for me. Primarily because I could not see myself as an author, let alone telling the story of some of the most vulnerable times in not only my life, but in that of my mother. Writing this book has been a real challenge as I've had to face the fears of what people would think, the fear and doubt of its success or not, and the anxiety that comes with vulnerability as many will read and know my life story. However, I've come to a peaceful resolve and trust that I am writing because I KNOW it's the will of God and therefore, it will reap a good harvest and Glorify Him!

I love this book, it really makes you think about this life we're living in, the struggles that we face everyday, or from past struggles. It simply reminds us that their is a God who loves us more than we can comprehend, no matter what we've gone through, or are going through, He desires to help us through our struggles (past, present or future), and to live victorious lives through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I found myself crying, laughing and thinking, as I am reminded that He (Our Father) is the first and last, the beginning and the end. He will fight our battles, we have to trust, love and obey Him. The battle is not ours, it belongs to the Lord!!!

-Barbara Fulcher - Amazon Customer

I Surrender, I know it was and is the Blood!