Ceola J. Abram

"The Encourager"

I don't see myself as a mentor, but more of an encourager. Through my own experiences I can pull what's needed to encourage and aide another woman in finding the courage, strength, hope and faith to continue the course and fulfill their dreams and life purpose. - Ceola J. Abram

Over the years Ceola has had many women, young and mature alike who come to her for advice on everything from their careers, relationships/marriages, other personal matters, businesses and  spiritual guidance. She has some who call her their spiritual adviser and to that she quickly responds "no, no, no now that, I am not. I am simply here to encourage."

For years, Ceola could never understood why her? She didn't attend school for coaching or mentoring, but some how or another she would always find herself on the phone, sitting in her cube at work, in the break-room, or on the phone for hours at a time advising and encouraging a beautiful sister. Little did she know, but God was training her on how to become an encourager to many. Ceola says if she were to count up the years this has been happening, she could honestly tell you it has been since she was in her early twenties, over 25-years now.

Now you might be asking what is an encourager? Well, here is how the dictionary defines encourager: to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence: to stimulate by assistance, approval, etc".  It's funny, Ceola says, "I believe life has a way of  grooming you for your purpose. It's usually in hind sight you realize it."

Life has taught me some very good lessons and I want to help other women by motivating and inspiring them to achieve the life God desired for them from the very beginning. The only way to accomplish this is by knowing who God himself is. That's why the foundation of my encouraging is God, His will, His purpose and His plan for each person He allows me to meet and speak with. 

This means my first position is not in front of the person, but in front of God, in prayer; seeking His will, His desire and His plans for their lives and ensuring that nothing I say or do is without God's approval." I take this honor to encourage women very seriously and I understand the value being placed in me when a sister seeks my ear and confides in me. 

Trust is earned, easy to break and even more difficult to regain, when it's been broken.  - Ceola J. Abram "The Encourager"

Inspiring Change in Women Everywhere

Through the varying life changes in conjunction with your response to them all, it is likely you will find yourself on a training course designed specifically for you and one that will birth your purpose, your passion and your distinct power to impact every life you come in contact with.

These experiences/lessons can come by way of tears, heartache, joy, failure, accomplishments, etc. Regardless of how they come, you either learn and grow, or you learn just how unlearned you are and continue in your folly. Some of us learn and want to pass that knowledge on. This is where I am and how I became an encourager