"The Encourager"



This autobiography describes the author’s journey through life: dealing with an alcoholic, sickly mother, being sexually assaulted, enduring difficult relationships with men and struggling with infertility. However, by discussing these events in her life, the author is able to celebrate how Jesus healed her heart and encouraged her to be an inspiration for women and children.
The manner in how God influenced the author to open herself up to share her testimony, through writing a short, impersonal bio for a website, displays the ease God can motivate someone to open up about his/her life. God knew the necessity for the author to share her story, for herself and other women, and this opportunity through her website is an example of this to readers. Describing the witnessing of her beautiful mother becoming a victim of her choices, and the ways it affected her mindset toward love and herself, will resonate with readers in how accurate that occurs among women. Her push to not make the same choices, and being able to overcome this legacy, is a testament to her relationship with God. 

The inclusion of the sidebars in the manuscript will provide needed perceptions for readers on what aspects of the author’s past embody life lessons. The questions and key points will also be of service to getting the full impact from the author’s story.

-Xulon Editorial Staff



I am in tears reading your book.  ​I didn't realize I had unresolved issues from my previous marriage that could be sabotaging potential relationships.


As I read through your material, it just gave me more and more clarity that you and your ministry are so needed to women overcoming homelessness, as well as other challenges. I pray that you stay focused on your flock of women overcoming challenges through the grace of Jesus Christ; that you stay transparent so that you can connect to your flock; and that you continue to walk humbly with the Lord.


Look for I Know It Was the Blood:  Story of Overcoming in the upcoming publications!


I love your writing style, it feels as if you are right here in front of me talking. ​




Ceola J. Abram