Valencia McKinley

Branding Specialist

The TEAM that brings the DREAM to fruition

We are honored to introduce our amazing team of gifted and very talented professionals who make all things possible. Please meet the following:

Sina Tate - Sina is the publicist for Ceola J. Abram, but that does not at all describe who Sina is. In her own right, Sina is a powerful writer, director and producer. She co-wrote and starred in the leading role in the stage play "Behind the Mask" with her husband, Johann Tate. She is dynamic actress with roles in From Female to Woman to Lady - The Stage Play and and she is currently working on an Independent Comedy Film, The Holy Rollers. 

Sina is also the brain behind Kingdom Woman of Purpose, LLC. A corporation she runs that helps to build women in their purpose and helps them to find the platform and launching pad for thier vision. Sina is also the host of a new YouTube TV Show Phenon, Sacred Moments with Sina!

Sina is not only talented in acting, writing, producing and directing, she is also a very sharp business woman and manages several public figures. To learn more about Sina, please visit

Valencia McKinley - Assist Ceola J. Abram with branding and

Jerry Davis


Jerry Davis - handles the media for Ceola J. Abram and we are honored to have such a gifted and highly creative individual on our team.

Jerry is by far more than the media contact for Ceola J. Abram, he is an accomplished author, screenwriter, playwright, producer, director and photographer and he creates and produces  plathora of media projects for many other satisfied customers!

Jerry is the writer and director behind the movie "How to Maintain a Relationship- Maintenance Required" and the author of the  amazingly well-written book packed with great relational nuggets "Bare Relationships."

Jerry is a phenomenal writer, producer, screenwriter, author and media specialist. He is in high demand with many on-going projects producing and creating video trailers, commercials and other media projects at his church, where he is over the  media department.

Be on the look out for more creative projects coming from Mr. Jerry Davis.

Sina Tate


Mia Payton

Community Relations Representative

Ceola J. Abram

Johann Tate


"The Encourager"

Johann Tate - is a powerful writer and has written the highly anticipated first movie release for Ceola J. Abram, scheduled for release in 2018. The title to be released publicly soon.

Johann is a gifted writer, actor, director and producer  and is making a name for himself in the entertainment world. The industry will be blown away when he is fully unleashed!

Johann has taken his craft very seriously and honed is acting ability in acting school. He's had the honor of working alongside renowned figures such as Mike Epps, Zulay Henao and Omar Epps in several independent films such as Meet the Blacks, Chain Letter, The Hustle and his most recent film, Stranded starring Paula Patton.

Johann is also a very skilled photographer and often takes on double roles when acting, in being the photographer on set. Look out for Johann Tate, a powerful writer, actor, director, producer and skilled and professional photographer.

With Johann Tate, comes a movement in the entertainment industry unlike any other!