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What are some of the reasons daughters of God assume the weight of the world on their shoulders? Why are we not in our rightful positions as we were created to be? Why have we lost the very essence of who we were designed to be as beautiful and precious daughters of God?  Why do we fail to realize our worth?

This study guide is designed to help answer some of those deep questions we sometimes refuse to address out of fear of what we may find as a result; the reasons some of us may remain bound. Are you ready to soar and to live your life on purpose? If so, get your study material and get ready to be restored, refreshed, renewed and revitalized. You have so much life to live, purpose to be discovered and fulfilled, lives to impact and many promises to receive.

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All women have a story to share and each one is not only relevant, but necessary. Each story may not be put in print, bound and sold on the bookshelves, but rather conveyed through a series of greeting cards, poetically shared at the mic, or put to music in a beautiful song. They can be dramatically portrayed in plays, movies, and TV shows, or powerfully spoken at conferences and seminars. If shared, the effects are still to be life changing! The story is your testimony and the vehicle in which it is shared is irrelevant, so long as it's shared!

-I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming!

Ceola J. Abram

People every day know there's a purpose for their lives, but very few know what that purpose is, or are able to realize the plan. For those who do understand the purpose and who realize the plan, they may not be able to endure the process; inevitably succumbing to the plot. In the QP series, Ceola will share with you insight on how she was able to successfully navigate through the purpose, the plan, the process and was victorious in overcoming the plot!

The fact of the matter is people have a hard time identifying their purpose in life. And, most people will spend a great deal of time and money trying to figure out what their purpose is. Ironically, the very purpose for your existence is found in the most unlikeliest areas of our lives. The areas most try the hardest to avoid.

The QP Series


      The PLAN

            The PROCESS



Do you know who you are as a daughter of God? Do you know how precious you are to him? Do you recognize your worth? This 30 day devotional was written for you, God's daughters. Filled with eye opening revelations, biblical references and powerful prayers, you will be ignited by this devotional. In it Ceola uses the Word of God to reveal to some and to remind others just who you are in and to God and to affirm and validate you.  After reading this devotional, you will have a clear understanding of who you are, of  your worth and just how precious you are to God. You will no longer settle for less than what God has designed for you.

We all have stories to share...

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Ceola J. Abram

"The Encourager"

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Transparency is not easily embraced by many women, and understandably so. Due to issues with trust, most women have valid concerns surrounding being transparent. There is a fear of being judged and condemned by those who will use their transparency as weapons against them. Sadly, like most ideologies that would be most valuable, and powerful to women as a whole; we allow division derived from broken trust to continue to prohibit us from developing strong and healthy friendships, encouragement opportunities and sisterly relationships.”

It was when Ceola begin openly speaking to friends, coworkers, church family and other women that she really began to note the impact being transparent was having on the women she spoke to. It was during this time when the true significance of the book really registered with her and the hope she discovered it would offer to other women like her. In “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming", Ceola openly shares intimate details about the things she has personally overcome. Raw, uncut and thought provoking, she offers hope, inspiration and motivation through being transparent about her own fears, failures, shame, guilt, embarrassment and her victory in overcoming!