With promoting unity among women and building relational bonds as the fuel to her passion, Ceola is working to destroy division among women. She is on a mandate to bring oneness to God's precious and beautiful daughters.

We are stronger unified-

Ceola J. Abram "The Encourager"

Topics of Discussion


More often than not, people have a hard time identifying their purpose in life. In fact, most people will spend a great deal of time and money trying to figure out what their purpose is. Ironically, the very purpose for your existence is found in the most unlikeliest areas of our lives. Those areas most of us try the hardest to avoid.

In seeking and ultimately discovering your purpose, many will  if they stay the course, will find the plan and the process of living that purpose often times is riddled with a series of events later realized as the "plot" sent to distort their life-given purpose.

Ceola will share how she was able to not only discover her purpose, stay the course of the plan, endure the process and be victorious over the plot.

Ceola is available to speak at your next church meeting, women's forum or conference, youth conference for young girls, at your shelter or nonprofit organization for women, or at any other event that builds, promotes and encourages unity among women.

To request Ceola to speak at your event, please send an email of inquiry to info@ceolajabram.com. Thank you!

Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny!

Keep your skeletons in the closet! The truth hurts! Don't tell everybody your business! What goes on in this house, stays in this house! We've heard it all, right? Can I tell you that the word of God says "The truth shall make you free."

In all things we must use wisdom, but it's the secrets, the lies and all of the fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment and more that cause most people to remain in bondage to their past.

Sure, it's not easy to share transparently, but you will never find or experience a greater sense of liberty than that found in transparency! Free yourself from your past. Loose the shackles and in the process, encourage some one else to be free. Are you ready to be FREE?

As a speaker, Ceola travels and shares her story of overcoming devastating falls, deep rooted pains and shameful decisions as well as her wonderful triumphs. She says "I believe as women we share many common life-experiences. I also believe together we can be a sense of powerful encouragement to one another if we learn to trust one another. I trust as we each embrace our authentic self, there will no longer be a need to harbor jealousy and resentment, but rather as our own self-worth and self-esteem is embraced, we will then be able to celebrate each other and live our best lives now!"

Ceola J. Abram

"The Encourager"